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At Howard Connect our students approach education through AUTHENTIC LEARNING experiences anchored in relevance and purpose. Academic content, knowledge, and skills are approached in interdisciplinary ways making learning real and meaningful. We help students cultivate their own unique genius, by tapping into their CURIOSITY and allowing them to discover and develop their individual interests. Our students do not experience learning as a set of prescribed procedures locked into a given timetable. Rather, our students learn in flexible ways, having a negotiated say in the time, place, space, and with whom they learn.

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Our teachers are innovators who use their own creativity, collaboration and critical thinking to design learning opportunities that are authentic and rigorous. Our teachers find it essential to develop relationships with students, colleagues, parents and our community to ensure EQUITY of our individual learners.

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Our school is a JOYFUL place. This can only be achieved when learning is fun and where learners are challenged to learn new skills and push themselves to try and try again in ongoing cycles of inquiry. Working in a COLLABORATIVE culture, our students are encouraged to see things differently, to bring their strengths and voice, and to acquire new abilities and ways of seeing themselves and their potential. Students leave the school with a confidence of what they want to be because they know the possibilities of what they can be.


Howard Connect Academy is an open enrollment school with a priority for students living in the community. We will open with 150 sixth grade students.
There will be two lotteries:
50% of the seats will go to students at Battle Academy and Calvin Donaldson.
50% of the seats will be open to all of HCDE.
If a student at Battle or Calvin Donaldson does not receive an open seat in the first lottery, he/she may enter into the second lottery.

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